FORT SILL, Okla. (June 13, 2013) -- Soldiers from the 100th and 168th Brigade Support battalions convoyed to Fort Carson, Colo., June 3-6, to turn in excess equipment and pickup artillery pieces from 3rd Battalion, 29th Field Artillery.

Following equipment turn in to various units there, the Soldiers loaded up artillery pieces for the 3-29th FA Soldiers who will participate in a 214th Fires Brigade field exercise.

Spc. Maria Veliz, A Company, 168th BSB petroleum supply specialist, completed her first long-haul operation, which was almost 600 miles one-way.

"I was glad to be on this type of convoy because it was something different," she said. "I believe the trip from Fort Sill to Fort Carson was a pretty good experience for me."

Though a little road weary from the lengthy drive in a vehicle built less for comfort and more for durability and function,

Veliz said it was a good experience.

The convoys, the 12th such trip the battalions have completed since October, also serve as a drivers' training program which helped develop more qualified drivers.

Spc. Rebecca Waynick, made her 11th trip to Fort Carson.

"This trip was different from the other ones because we had bigger vehicles, a longer convoy and bigger equipment to haul," said the A/168th BSB petroleum supply specialist. "We had a couple of breakdowns, but we had the experience to [fix] them as quickly as possible."

She said the convoys provide Soldiers great training for operating the big trucks.

"You have to deal with a lot of civilian traffic and driving on different terrain than you do when driving at Fort Sill," she said.

Soldiers are scheduled to convoy back to Fort Carson around the end of June to return the 3-29th FA's artillery pieces.