KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany- The Soldiers of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command operate in a unique and challenging environment, providing support to units all throughout Europe, Africa and the U.S. Central Command's area of responsibility. The motto of the 21st TSC, 'First in Support,' is a reminder to Soldiers of their steadfast dedication to the mission and, in recognition of the esprit de corps and unit pride Soldiers exhibit, the military clothing sales store on Kleber Kaserne is offering unit memorabilia to Soldiers who wish to show their unit pride both on and off duty.
"I think that it's great to have 21st TSC memorabilia," said Sgt. 1st Class Arin VanDemark, an operations noncommissioned officer with the Support Operations, 21st TSC, and a native of Saugerties, N.Y. "It brings out pride to be in this unit."
The memorabilia consists of portfolios, notepads, sketchbooks, teddy bears, mugs, glasses, polo shirts, playing cards, tote bags, and other specialty items.
"The first item we ordered was lapel pins with the 21st TSC emblem. Many spouses purchased the pins and we had to order more," said Deniz Barcala, the manager of the Military Clothing Sales Store on Kleber Kaserne and a native of Istanbul. "Seeing the success of that item we created a line of different 21st TSC products."

The new memorabilia is something that will remind the buyer of their time and experiences with the 21st TSC.
"It's great for anybody who decides to make the Army a career, because you have a token to remember the units you were in." said Pvt. Richard Lank, a parachute rigger with the 5th Quartermaster Detachment, 21st TSC and a native of Iowa Park, Texas.
"We have a couple of gentlemen that retired from the 21st TSC and are now stateside that have shown interest in purchasing some mugs to remind them of the unit." Barcala said. Barcala has made arrangements to have various items shipped back to the states for 21st TSC Soldiers of the past to remember their time in Germany.
The 21st TSC, comprised of combat, combat support, and combat service support units, displays its honor by providing memorabilia to commemorate and remind Soldiers that they are always 'First in Support.'