Two hundred and thirty-eight years ago, on June 14, our nation's leaders established a professional American land force- the Continental Army - beginning a rich heritage of successfully defending this great nation and its citizens. This week, the United States Army commemorates the continued honor, loyalty and bravery of our Soldiers throughout the country and around the globe.

Today's Soldiers stand ready to complete any mission our country asks of them. The nation's freedom rests in the hands of our Soldiers, families and civilians who defend "The Stars and Stripes."
Following more than 12 years of war, the Army remains committed to the readiness, training and advancement of the total Army. With a focus on Ready and Resilient Soldiers, the Army has implemented programs that help our men and women stay in the fight. The Army Profession is a result of an enduring education and training program designed to educate, train and inspire. The Army prepares Soldiers for life upon entry and continues beyond military service with opportunities for employment, education and healthcare to ensure their lifelong success as they remain Soldiers for Life.

The Army will always remain true to its enduring professional values, honoring the sacred trust bestowed by the nation. The Army is preparing leaders to be globally responsive to meet future challenges - this starts by being regionally and culturally engaged now. We continue to prepare for the future challenges, while always remembering to value the strength of our Soldiers, dedication of our civilians and resilience of our families - it is the people who make us Army strong.

Commemorating the Army's birthday is an opportunity to reflect, celebrate and remember. The Army will continue to meet all challenges head on and is committed to ensuring the readiness, health and welfare of America's sons and daughters. We celebrate our ready and resilient Soldiers, family members and civilians whose enduring service and support are the strength of our all-volunteer force. We remember those Soldiers who have come before us. On the 238th year of our Army, we also commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War and the All-Volunteer Force 40th anniversary.

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