FORT KNOX, Ky. -- In the past, Soldiers and civilian employees and their family members assigned to U.S. Army Recruiting Command or Cadet Command, in civilian education programs and at certain other remote locations had few places to turn to when they wanted to file a claim for damage to their personal property. Usually, their duty stations are located far away from an Army claims office where claimants would traditionally receive claims support.

This changed in May, the start of this year's PCS moving season. This year USAREC and Cadet Command (USACC) personnel and others in remote locations (such as embassies or foreign military sales offices) will be able to take advantage of the Army Judge Advocate General Corps' pilot Remote Claims Assistance Program (RCAP) when it is time to file a claim against carriers or transportation service providers (TSP) for loss or damage to their household goods shipment, or other damage to or loss of their personal property incurred incident to service.

The program was developed based on recommendations arising from TJAG's 2012 Claims Strategic Review, which included seeking out and assisting under served populations; enhancing claims assistance services; reinforcing outreach efforts; and leveraging full replacement value (FRV) capabilities.

RCAP will do all of these.

The pilot program will operate out of the Fort Knox Claims Office, which is generally responsible for providing claims support to both USAREC and USACC, the parent units for the majority of RCAP participants. RCAP will focus on providing proactive outreach, advice and assistance to participants to ensure they are compensated for their losses as easily, quickly, fully and fairly as possible.

RCAP will be available to claims customers by phone, email, and online to provide advice and to help claimants avoid filing pitfalls and smoothly negotiate the potentially bumpy claims process. Most importantly, RCAP will help these remote claimants meet mandatory claims deadlines, including the requirement to file notice of loss and damage, a prerequisite for claim payment within 75 days of household goods delivery, and to file the claim against the TSP within nine months of delivery to enable FRV reimbursement for items lost or destroyed in the move.

RCAP also will assist remote claimants with access and use of the online Defense Personal Property System (DPS) claims module to file their claims against their TSP, help settle the claims directly against their TSP, and review their TSP's settlement offers before accepting them.

Finally, if a claimant cannot arrive at a satisfactory settlement with the TSP and transfers the claim to the Army, the RCAP staff will retrieve the claims document from the DPS claims module or the TSP so the claimant does not have to laboriously reenter all the claimed items in the Army's claims filing program.

Using the Remote Claims Assistance Program
Contact the Fort Knox Claims Office staff
• USAREC and Cadet Command recruiters, instructors and staff assigned to duty locations without a nearby claims office, as well as individuals in civilian education programs and at certain other remote locations
• ASAP after household goods delivery scheduled, or
• Otherwise suffer loss or damage incident to your service
• Email:
• Snail mail: Office of the SJA, Attention: Claims, Fort Knox, KY 40121-5230
• Telephone: (502) 624-6913, (DSN: 464)
• Fax: (502) 624- 2375, (DSN: 464)
What to include:
• Sponsor's name and contact information, including a telephone number and email address