SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii (June 7, 2013) -- Most parents of children attending a Hawaii public school have never heard of a school community council (SCC).

However, every school in the state is required to implement and have a successful SCC.

Parents are strongly encouraged to join the SCC at their child's school. All Army-impacted schools are in need of volunteers and members.


The SCC originated in 2004 when the Hawaii state legislature took significant steps to ensure that school community members would have greater influence in education at their schools. Legislation confirmed the advisory role of the SCC, and it has been active ever since.

An SCC serves as a forum for exchanging ideas about how to improve student achievement at a school by having open discussion and using problem-solving strategies. Its function is to promote school/community partnerships and quality education in a positive, stimulating and safe environment.

Those who make up the forum are the principal/administration, teachers, classified school staff, parents, students and community members. This group of key stakeholders is made up of individuals who are elected to serve in various roles, and positions are usually a two-year assignment with the possibility of a one-year assignment in instances when a family is planning to make a permanent change of station (PCS) move.

Although the SCC is made up of a forum, guests are always welcome to attend meetings and participate in discussions. However, only those who are elected members are able to vote when key issues arise.

SCC Goals

The critical focus and framework for school community council activities and actions are that all public school graduates will realize their goals and aspirations; possess the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary to contribute positively and compete in a global society; exercise the right and responsibilities of citizenship; and pursue post-secondary education and/or careers without need for remediation.

The personal advantages of being a member include being an important partner in the education system, contributing to the shared goal of improving student achievement, having a vehicle through which to express opinions, and being informed about what is happening at the school.

Participating on the SCC will be a rewarding experience and will provide parents with a unique opportunity to help the school community to rise to the challenge in determining the future direction of schools and making a difference in the child's education.

Participants have the opportunity to determine how their child's school develops, and to support and monitor their Academic and Financial Plan. This plan is the document that highlights the goals for the school, its programs and available resources.

Join the SCC

Interested parents should contact their child's school office for more information on how they can participate in the school community council. Many open positions are available in school year 2013-2014.

All questions can be directed to the School Liaison Office at 808-655-8326, Mondays-Fridays, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.