VICENZA, Italy -- Follow its tradition of the last 10 years of giving back to the Vicenza Military Community, the Vicenza Community Club gave out scholarships totaling $25,000 to 19 recipients May 16 at a ceremony at the Golden Lion.
"These are merit-based scholarships and unfortunately, not everyone who applies receives one," said Kelly Pardew, VCC scholarship committee chairperson.
Eleven Vicenza High School seniors were chosen for the high school scholarships, which are awarded to VHS seniors who are dependents of DoD employees or ID cardholders who are VCC members. To apply for the scholarship, seniors had to fill out a questionnaire that asked about work and volunteer experience, as well as an essay with pre-assigned topics and a letter of reference.
In addition, two continuing education scholarships were given out, named for Pia Manetti and Emmi Fondi, two women who made a difference in the Vicenza Military Community. The continuing education scholarship awards are based student coursework choices, community involvement and volunteerism as well as their grade point average, or GPA.
Pia Manetti was VCC volunteer for more than 32 years. This year's recipients of the Pia Manetti scholarship were Brittany Francis, attending the New England Institute of Art; Naomi David, attending Liberty University Online; Rebecca Matheson, attending Sweet Briar College; Taylor Curry, attending Columbia University; Alexandra Sibilla, attending University of Virginia; and Hayley Howe, attending Florida State University.
"The VCC scholarship fund will help me towards my goal of graduating from UVA. I was excited and honored to have received it," said Sibilla.
Emmi Fondi was an Alpini officer spouse who learned English while her husband worked for SETAF in 1973 on Caserma Ederle. She volunteered with the American Red Cross and worked as an interpreter at the health clinic on post. Recipients of the Emmi Fondi scholarship, available to current active VCC members, were Arta Marku, attending the University of Phoenix, and Lisa Borja, attending University of New England.
"Getting the VCC scholarship takes a small chunk out of my tuition, but yet it means so much more," said Borja. "My goal is to use my masters in social work to help Soldiers and their families, and getting the scholarship means that others believe that my goals are worthy of recognition."