Capt. Tremain L. Fergerson, Commander of the 251st and Spc. Genevieve Van Ellis, Communication Systems Installer/Maintainer, visited the orphanage to donate toys and clothes.

"We are here today to give donations and to find out how we could be of further support to Namsanwon," said Fergerson.

Mrs. Duk Rye Ryu, resource manager of Namsanwon, expressed her gratitude for the active support provided by U.S. soldiers.

"Our children need as much care and support as possible," said Ryu. "These donations mean a lot for us."

Namsanwon is currently home to 14 orphaned children, 10 boys and four girls.

Namsanwon has had a working relationship with the U.S Army for many years. A former orphan raised in Namsanwon is now a lieutenant colonel in the U.S Army.

"Namsanwon Community Orphanage would like to continue its ongoing relationship with the 251st," said Ryu.

People interested in helping Namsanwon may donate directly to the orphanage. They are currently in need of diapers and powder milk for babies.

"This is something we enjoy doing, we support this orphanage because this is our community." said Fergerson.

Namsanwon Community Orphanage Contact Information
Address: 100-250 Seoul City, Joongu, Sopa Rd 2 Gil 31
Tel: (02) 752-9836
Fax: (02) 755-9836