It's no secret that riding a bicycle is good practice. The Wounded Warrior Project has taken this idea and applied it to helping wounded warriors transition back to their duties or to the civilian world. Members of the Wounded Warrior Project were on Baumholder May 28 conducting a bicycle clinic for wounded warriors from the Kaiserslautern military community.

"We're out here with hands-on fitting, for hand cycles, hump backs, or upright bikes, really fitting the warrior to whatever their need may be," said Meghan Speicher-Harris, Soldier Ride recruiter.
Soldiers were fitted with bicycles based on their injuries or limitations in preparation for the annual Soldier Ride, which this year will be conducted Aug. 10 at the nearby Bostalsee. The Wounded Warrior Project conducts these rides annually throughout the states and also sponsors one here locally each year.

The Soldier Ride is focused on cycling. "It's a physical health and wellness retreat-type event," We're riding about 25 miles per day. Last year we had around 100 warriors and cadre participate. It's really about getting on the bike and finding their new normal, using cycling as recovery, teaching them about physical health and wellness and just riding here in beautiful Germany," said Speicher-Harris.

Everyone is invited to ride and support the more than 100 warriors expected to participate.
The Wounded Warrior Project is a non-profit organization. "We do not take any money from the government. Most of our funding comes from American citizens just giving their small donations. We do have some corporate sponsors as well but like I said most of it is from the kindness of our American citizens," said Speicher-Harris.

"We're so thankful for the opportunity to be here to support the Wounded Warrior Project," said Speicher-Harris.