SUWON AIR BASE -- More than 80 children from the House of Dreams Orphanage visited the 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery here May 17. One of the largest non-profit orphanages in Suwon, House of Dreams and the Iron Horse Battalion work hard to maintain their friendship. The relationship between the Soldiers and the children is give and take.

"To give back to the [community] shows that Soldiers care," said Pfc. LaKendria Massey, assigned to Company F as an automated logistical specialist. "We love to give and take the positive reactions we get from volunteering." The Air Defenders' special friendship with the children reflects the relationship between Korea and the United States.

"The partnership between the Iron Horse Battalion and the House of Dreams orphanage is as strong as ever and events like this help our friendship grow even more," said Lt. Col. Norman Spivey, 6-52 battalion commander. After Spivey welcomed them, the children played various sports events, including dodge ball and basketball, with the Soldiers. Throughout the visit, the children could be heard laughing.

"I loved the dodge ball game with [the] foreigners," said Choi Ye-jin, a 12-year-old child from the orphanage. "I only used to play the game with Korean friends at school." The fun did not end after the games, as the children enjoyed popcorn, cotton candy and hotdogs provided by the Better Opportunity for Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers program.

The unit's Family Readiness Group hosted activities tables including bead craft-making as well as face painting. There was a lot for people to do, said Massey. She said that they wanted to make sure every kid had something to capture their interest. After three hours of fun, the event concluded with prizes being presented to some outstanding child-athletes. Gifts in hand, the children seemed excited, yet sad, as the day drew to a close.