ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- The Ethics Rules ("Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch") pertaining to outside employment are the same whether employees are considering a second job during furlough hours or whether they already work for another employer on weekends or,other,off-duty,hours. However,,as we,approach furlough, now is a good time to remind employees about these rules.

Generally, employees may,"moonlight",and work,a,second job. Ethics Rules provide, however, that Federal employees shall have no outside employment or activities that conflict with their official duties. The following principles apply in determining whether there is a conflict:

Employees cannot accept an outside job that creates a conflict of interest with their position at Anniston Army Depot. In general terms, this means employees may not work for an outside employer on a matter they work on here. For example, welders may work for companies that perform welding services for private enterprise, but they may not work for a government contractor on a job at ANAD.

Employees must also avoid the appearance of impropriety. In most cases, this means employees should not work on any outside project that could involve the Department of the Army.

Federal employees are prohibited from representing a third party to the Federal government and must not accept fees or a bonus for any such representation. For example, Federal employees may not work for a parts supplier and approach Depot employees seeking to sell supplies to the Depot.

Other Ethics Rules also apply once a second job is obtained. For example, employees,may not,release non-public information regarding their,duties or,any,work at ANAD to an,outside employer,or its,employees.,Federal employees are also prohibited from using government resources, including duty hours, for outside employment -- do not use a government phone, fax machine or computer to make appointments for an outside job during your duty hours at ANAD.

All employees should discuss outside employment with their supervisor to ensure there is no question regarding conflict of interests. Employees who are Office of Government Ethics (OGE) 450 filers must obtain specific authorization for any outside employment. If you file an annual OGE 450 financial disclosure form, be sure to get authorization for any outside employment.

If you have questions regarding the application of these rules to an outside job you are currently performing or that you plan to work during furlough hours, please contact the ANAD Legal Office at Ext. 6773.