VILSECK, Germany -- The Integrated Honors 9 Language Arts / World History classes presented their yearlong research projects to fellow students and parents in the Vilseck High School Multipurpose Room, May 30.

This yearlong project required students to study a civilization from ancient history, including important cities, historical highlights, various advancements arts, science and technology, as well as other interesting information.

"The students worked really hard all year and became experts on their subjects," said Brian Swenty, World History teacher. "Having to present their body of work in front of the parents, teachers and fellow students really allowed them to celebrate their achievements and share their experience."

Throughout the year, students created various products in the form of electronic, written and physical artifacts. They worked on such projects as a time travel journal, an essay, a poem and food preparation.

Freshman Zack Williams noted that the project "was challenging but rewarding at the end."

For the event, students set up the Time Traveler Fest as a sort of living museum, which included food and costumes, their work from throughout the year, not to mention their interactions with attendees and artifacts that were part of their presentation.

According to one parent, the event was fun and educational. She said it was evident the students worked really hard on their projects.