SCHWEINFURT, Germany (June 5, 2013) -- The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer. Summer is right around the corner. Now is the time to enjoy Germany and all it has to offer.

Throughout the summer there are several big events that Soldiers, civilians and family members can experience and enjoy. Here are a few events that will make those not here in Schweinfurt envious. For a complete list of events off-post in the area, connect to our German Events community calendar.

When: March to November
Where: Surrounding areas of Schweinfurt
Schweinfurt is centrally located in the heart of the Franconian Wine Region, which means there are abundant opportunities for you to enjoy traditional wine festivals. Several towns surrounding Schweinfurt have wine festivals to showcase their delicious wines. Many of these family-friendly festivals have everything you need from rides, petting zoos, live music and the always delectable traditional German cuisine. For a complete listing of wine fests in the Schweinfurt area, check with Army Community Service's Information and Referral department to see if there is one in your town.

When: Now through June 6
Where: Volksfest Platz across from Askren
Food, fun and games can be found for all ages at the annual Volksfest, now through June 6. This conveniently-located festival will have something for everyone to enjoy. Spend time under the beer tent listening to German bands and watching locals try and climb a pole (a crowd favorite). Find something to do for the whole family, whether riding the Ferris wheel or eating a fish-on-a-stick, it will be a memorable event. If you're drinking, have a plan. Call a taxi (09721-16060/19410) or use the free services provided by Schweinfurt's Armed Forces Against Drunk Driving.

When: June 7 through 9
Where: Zeppelinfeld Nürnberg
Rock-im-Park is one of the largest, three-day rock festivals in Europe, and it is right down the road from Schweinfurt in Nürnburg, June 7 through 9. Rockers will have the opportunity to listen to 85 bands performing across three stages. The festival headliners include Thirty Seconds to Mars, The Killers, The Prodigy, Green Day, Seeed and many others. If you want a different experience and you are a more adventurous type you can purchase tickets for camping space at the concert and stay for all three days. Rock On!

Rowdy River Raft Race
When: June 23
Where: Gutermann-Promenade -- Near the Georg Shäfer Museum and Maxbrücke
Move over peaceful and quiet Sundays in Germany, the Rowdy River Raft Race is going down in Schweinfurt June 23 starting at 10 a.m. with a closing ceremony at 5 p.m. If you aren't brave enough to paddle the frigid waters of the Main River then come out and cheer on all the local teams. You can warmly sit along the shores and enjoy traditional German Weisswurst (white breakfast sausages) or listen to the live bands.

When: July 6
Where: Several locations in downtown Schweinfurt
Once a year the streets of downtown Schweinfurt take the stages at the Honky Tonk Festival. This jam-packed musical event only happens once a year and will take place this year July 6. There are more than 50 live acts and DJs that will help entertain you during this long night of live music. Bands from all over Europe take part in the Honky Tonk Festivals all around Germany. If you're drinking, have a plan. Call a taxi (09721-16060/19410) or use the free services provided by Schweinfurt's Armed Forces Against Drunk Driving.

Burg Hurzberg Festival
When: July 18 through 21
Where: Burg Hurzberg
For a different musical experience that lets you listen to artists who express the 'Art of Peace,' take part in the Burg Hurzberg Festival. This year's top performers include Gov't Mule and Moe -- both American bands. Bring a tent and just go with the flow at this super chill three-day festival. Explore your inner self. Peace out!

Sandkerwa beer festival Bamberg
When: Aug. 22 through 26
Where: Bamberg's old town
Bamberg is famous for its beer among other things, and no other event showcases the city's beer as well as the Sandkerwa beer festival. This festival takes place along the banks and across the bridges of Bamberg's old town. At night the streets are packed with people drinking beer and standing around tables with other event goers. Don't worry, there is also the traditional foods that can be found all over the city. Don't miss the Fisherman's jousting Aug. 25. Children will be entertained with different rides scattered throughout the festival area. It is a great festival to end the summer months and lead you into the beer festival season. Be safe. Have a plan. And don't even think about getting behind the wheel of a car.

Schweinfurt Stadtfest
When: Aug. 30 through 31
Where: Downtown Schweinfurt
The downtown comes alive with vendors and performers highlighting all that Schweinfurt has to offer during the Schweinfurt Stadtfest. Those attending the festival will be able to peruse the markplatz area in front of the Rathaus, watch competitions taking place on stage or hang around until bands take the stage later on during the evening. Around every downtown corner there is something happening for everyone. But remember: Don't drink and drive! Call a taxi (09721-16060/19410) or use the free services provided by Schweinfurt's Armed Forces Against Drunk Driving.

Nachsommer Schweinfurt
When: Sept. 12 through 28
Where: Different locations throughout Schweinfurt
This year the Schweinfurt Nachsommer will have concerts in conjunction with the Main und Meer (Main and sea) cultural events. Many of the concerts will be held on a floating stage that is a part of the Main und Meer. The concert series will be full of great musical artists pushing the envelopes of classical, jazz and world music. Tickets are needed for the event so book them as soon as possible.