HONOLULU (May 31, 2013) -- When parents and children are struggling with each other, neither is getting their needs met.

Struggling over harsh and regrettable words; dependence on technology, instead of direct communication; uncompleted tasks; and lack of honesty can eat away at closeness, and even the desire to be together.

A one-week family "Heart Camp" communications retreat will be held on Maui, July 7-14, and at least one military family will be selected for a full scholarship.

The camp will teach parents and children the basic skills of compassionate communication. Participants will learn more effective, honest communication methods that help put the fun back in family life.

The goal of Family Heart Camp is to become a place where children learn to cherish, honor and respect their parents -- and parents will learn to cherish, honor and respect their children. This supportive community of like-minded people will come to feel like a new family by the end of the week.

"We make it possible to learn new skills supporting harmony, cooperation and peace in families," the trainers will explain, and they will be quick to mention "with lots of time for play and fun!"

Many parents feel frustrated by the communication dynamics with their children. They often feel like they're not even speaking the same language. In these situations, parents aren't getting their needs met for respect, cooperation and connection.

Children are not feeling understood, valued or cherished, and the result is that communication becomes less and less effective, and patterns of behavior feel unchangeable.

Fortunately, help is available for families experiencing these challenges. The one-week "Heart Camp" is designed for families experiencing these challenges. The entire

family will be taught new and effective methods to heal patterns of communication.

"We want to build a society where parents cherish and enjoy time with their children, attend to their own needs for rest, rejuvenation and self-care, and have meaningful and supportive relationships with their significant others," said the trainers of Family Heart Camp.

Camp Scholarships
Limited amounts of military family scholarships are available; call (808) 356-9060.