Yongsan Child, Youth and School Service team had its annual appreciation day, June 1, which included various lively activities including a door prize lottery, recreational opportunities, stress management program and an outdoor barbeque.

According to CYSS services coordinator Claudette Mohn, the Appreciation Day is held each year on the first day of June. It is designed to thank each and every member of the CYSS team, for their devotion shown throughout the year.

"Our team deserves recognition," Mohn said. "They have been doing an outstanding performance this year, including the NAEYC accreditation we received in January. So we decided to award all our teammates."

Not only did the CYSS team honor each other, but also promised to continue offering communication training and stress management sessions to its members.

"This kind of relief provides everyone a chance to look back on themselves and maintain professionalism on the worksite," said Steve Shin, a CYSS team member. "Stress and tension are inevitable factors when you are at work. However, the fact that it is inevitable does not mean that it cannot be solved. This day is an event that replenishes the team members in the name of appreciation."

Yongsan CYSS has served the garrison through childcare programs, teen programs and various recreational opportunites. It aims to enhance the quality of life for the children, youth and families in the Yongsan community.

For information about Yongsan CYSS and its programs, visit www.cysskorea.com/yongsan or contact DSN 723-4153.