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All Department of Defense employees will soon see a new notice on their government computer screens informing them that their access and use of U.S. government computer systems (including devices attached to the computer) are subject to monitoring.
Employees' use of the computer system means they acknowledge and consent to that monitoring before gaining access to DoD system and network information resources.
The intent is to clearly convey that there is no expectation of privacy when using DoD information systems and that government computer systems are provided for U.S. government authorized use only.
John Grimes, DoD's chief information officer, signed a policy memo on May 9 clarifying the language and mandating the new consent banner to be used on all DoD computer systems and also be included in all DoD Information System User Agreements.
The policy is effective immediately and will be implemented no later than 60 days from the date of the memo for all DoD entities, including the military services.
The revised wording affects log-on banners and the wording in all computer system user agreements. All computer system users must also sign new agreements within the 60-day time frame.
A similar notice also will appear on government BlackBerry devices and other personal digital assistants and personal electronic devices, but the wording will be shorter than on computers.