ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - Anyone seeking information about the Aberdeen Proving Ground Transformation, which includes Enhanced Use Lease and Base Realignment and Closure initiatives, can now get that and tons of other related information on the new APG 2012 Web site located at http://apg2012.apg.army.mil/.

The site is also accessible by clicking on the APG 2012 logo now located on the APG Webs site at www.apg.army.mil.

The site includes the APG 2012 Vision, links to employment and business opportunities at APG and in Harford County, environmental compliance information, updates from the Army Corps of Engineers at APG, Army contracting agencies and more.

There are also traffic updates regarding road closures during ongoing construction projects as well as upcoming events of interest to those relocating to the area, and state and local relocation assistance resources.

Syreeta Gross, communications coordinator with Michael C. Fuhrman and Associates Planning and Consulting, oversaw the task of getting the site up and running with required information and links and a distinctive banner and logo. Gross credited Michael Graziano, an information technology specialist with the Directorate of Information Management, with completing the site, which was started by Rob Czajowski, BRAC Office contractor who has relocated to Fort Monmouth N.J.

"His design couldn't be converted, so Mikey took what he could from it and completed it from there," Gross said. "He did a wonderful job."

The site was a collaborative effort, she said, between herself, Graziano, Diane Burrier, senior computer graphic analyst who designed the logo and Sue Marsheck, the visual information specialist who designed the banner. Burrier and Marsheck are with the DOIM's Multimedia/Visual Information Services Center.

Marsheck, who's been with the DOIM just over two years after 30 years of running her own designing business, said the task wasn't that difficult.

"I'm used to having a lot more information to start with, and I had to ask to see the page itself, but once that was done it didn't take long at all," Marsheck said.

The banner, which runs across the top of the APG 2012 home page, consists of an eagle and the logo in the left corner on the blue field and white stars of the U.S. flag, and the words 'APG 2012 Transforming The Future' centered and hovering over the flag's billowing red and white stripes.

Burrier designed the 2012 logo from scratch, using Adobe Illustrator software. She said that final approval for the design was granted by Maj. Gen. Fred D. Robinson Jr., commander of APG and the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command.

"Every item was carefully chosen. They wanted certain things regarding Soldiers and technology. We were trying to encompass everything that goes on at APG," Burrier said.

Colored the Army's black and gold, the round logo has the silhouette of a combat arms Soldier at its center, with a satellite and glass laboratory bottle on the left, representing the communications and chemical-biological testing missions that will symbolize APG at the Transformation's completion; and a computer and Stryker combat vehicle on the right, illustrating the proving ground's state of the art vehicle testing missions.

"It was really hard to find a Stryker silhouette to draw from," Burrier said, adding that overall, she worked on the design just over one month.

Gross said that the site makes it clear that BRAC is only one part of APG 2012.
"It describes all the changes that are coming, from employment to traffic - it's a one-stop information center," Gross said. "The information is readily available for people who need it, and it will be updated daily."

She said that getting the site up and running was a "vital part of a strategic communication plan."

"The site makes it much easier to get information out to people," she said. "We wanted it to be informative but also comparable to the other important Web sites it links to. This has been in the works since February," she added. "The commanders are happy, and it's an unbelievable feeling to have it completed."