SEOUL - Eighth Army paid tribute to fallen American service members at a ceremony here in the South Korean capital city May 30.

Attended by U.S. and South Korean officials and military personnel, the ceremony was held at the Seoul Foreigner's Cemetery where 37 American veterans from World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War are buried.

Prior to the memorial ceremony, American Soldiers and Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army troops placed American flags and Chrysanthemums on each grave.

The U.S. veterans are buried among 450 foreigners, including Missionary John Heron, doctor to Choson Dynasty King Gojong; and L.S. Holton, the spouse of the missionary who established Yonsei University, which is one of South Korea's top schools today.

Eighth Army Assistant Chief of Staff (G-9) Col. Jeffrey D'Antonio thanked the Association of the Korea-U.S. Friendship Alliance and the Republic of Korea Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs for attending the ceremony and honoring the veterans.

"This is hallowed ground," said D'Antonio, "and I thank you all for standing with us and honoring our fallen heroes. I also thank all for your support of our alliance as it continues to deter aggression against the Republic of Korea and to maintain stability in Northeast Asia."

Before South Korean and U.S. officials placed wreaths in the cemetery, Eighth Army Chaplain Maj. James D. Key said the invocation.

"Today we are standing on sacred ground to honor those who went where others feared to go," said Key. "We honor those who had unshakable hope. We honor those who wore the uniform and wore it proudly."