YONGSAN GARRISON, REPUBLIC OF KOREA -- "On behalf of the garrison, I would like to declare that Hannam Village Pritchett Family Child Care (FCC) Home is officially in business," said Col. Michael E. Masley, garrison commander at U.S. Army garrison Yongsan. After going through the required process, the FCC Home is now authorized and opened to the Yongsan community, May. 28.

Located on the first floor of Hannam Village apartments in G-104, and open Monday-Friday from 0600-1800, the FCC home is expected to help ease the stress and worry of service members and civilians stationed in Area 2 by providing an additional child care service option.

Prior to the FCC home, the Child Development Center on USAG Yongsan was the only on post facility for child care during work hours. Lack of child care availability was a challenge for spouses seeking employment outside their home. By approving FCC home service, Yongsan increased opportunities for community members to join the workforce.

As Masley presented the official certificate to Michelle Pritchett, the new FCC provider in Hannam Village, he emphasized the importance of providing a safe place for the children and appreciated all the people who contributed to the home-based businesses' start-up.

"There is a need for many Soldiers and civilians who work in Yongsan and K-16," Masley said. "Child care is very important for our community and I very much appreciate ACS, MWR and the Housing office team for their contributions to make this happen."

Just like the Pritchett FCC home, other USAG Yongsan family members can open a home-based business and guidance about the requirements is available. Submitting a garrison commander signed letter requesting permission to operate a home-based business is the first step, then the application goes through a few more reviews. The complete process takes two to three weeks from receipt of application, depending on the type of business and any necessary additional information to support the request.

There are currently approximately 50 approved home-based businesses operating in the USAG Yongsan area, ranging from candle sales and child care to dog grooming and photography. There are some legal issues to be aware of when considering what type of home-based business to pursue. For example, the resale of AAFES items is prohibited, and the business must not be considered a competitive service with MWR or AAFES.

"We review applications for home-based businesses and determine if each one meets the regulations and the post policy letter," said Capt. Dylan Mack, Administrative attorney for 8th Army.

"The best thing people can do is market research to help their business be more competitive," said J. Freeman Neish, financial management branch chief for FMWR. "Avoid redundant business plans by identifying a service or product that is in need here. If there are already five other home-based businesses in Yongsan selling the exact same thing you want to sell, then that is probably not going to succeed the way you want it to."

Neish also advises people to consider additional costs and details, including liability insurance, license requirements, and SOFA rules.

"Home-based businesses can help many people who are looking for a way to have the freedom to work at home, especially if they have children,"Neish said.

For more information about how to start a home-based business in USAG Yongsan area, contact J. Freeman Neish at 723-4141.