Anniston Army Depot, Ala., has a reputation as being the rebuild capital of the world.

When employees here from the Directorate of Production's Weapons and Fire Control Value Stream were asked to assist the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), from Fort Drum, N.Y., with the inspection and repair of M119 Towed Howitzer fire control components, their unique substantial remanufacturing capability was put to the test.

In March, the electronic integrated system mechanics made no difference in their rapid response to the customer's request.

According to Sandra Pointer, a production management specialist who was responsible for the parts estimate, the depot provided technical support by resetting the fire control site boxes with a turnaround time of less than two weeks. "We responded without hesitancy. Ann Rainey quickly managed the funding portion and the electronic integrated system technicians jumped on it," she said.

The request, filtered through Army Materiel Command channels, was conducted in accordance with Army technical manual 10/20 standard on the M119 Howitzer, where all routine maintenance was completed and all deficiencies repaired. AMC serves as the executive agent for the reset program.

"Our team inspected and replaced parts as needed, made adjustments and added sealing rings to the 105 site boxes," said Rusty Watts, electronic integrated systems leader. "Realizing the urgency, the team was willing to work around the clock until the work was finished. Having less than the normal amount of time to complete the task, no one was willing to leave until everything was ready to be shipped back to Fort Drum."

Therefore it came as no surprise on June 16 when Col. S. B. Keller, depot commander, presented Ronald Meeks, Ann Rainey, William Evans, William Farella, Koy Brooks, and Sandra Pointer with commander's Certificates of Appreciation, on behalf of Maj. Gen. Michael Oates, commanding general at Fort Drum.

The certificate read, "For providing superior technical support for the fire control components of the brigades artillery and mortar systems, allowing the unit to attain reset complete status for the indirect fire systems in less than 90 days. The recognition reflected great credit upon the Army Materiel Command, the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), and the United States Army."