YONGSAN GARRISON , Republic of Korea - Family members traveling to Korea can expect to find a world of change and adjustments. However, organizations like the American ForcesAca,!a,,c SpousesAca,!a,,c Club aim to make everyone feel at home during a tour of duty in the Republic of Korea.

Organizations like AFSC provide a framework for networking with other spouses. The AFSC runs a unique store on Yongsan Garrison South Post, the Aca,!A"Chosun Gift Shop,Aca,!A? and offers many employment opportunities.

Spouses travel throughout the Far East to purchase items in bulk for resale at the shop. The organization raises thousands of dollars for charity each year.

Spouses also have opportunities to serve as volunteers with the American Red Cross and Army Community Service.

Paid employment is also an option. There are limited jobs available on post; it may take some time and patience to find one, but with determination and a lot of networking, it can be done.

Full-time or part-time jobs are listed through the Seoul Civilian Personnel Advisory Center and advertised in a weekly bulletin.

These Web sites can also provide more information:

Civilian Human Resources Agency
U.S. Army Civilian Personnel Online

Army Community Service has a family member employment office, with an excellent staff to assist your job search. ACS is located in the Community Service Building, Bldg. 4106, on Yongsan South Post. For information, call 738-5311. There is also a Hannam Village Outreach Center at 723-6721. Spouse employment and education seminars are held monthly.

Teachers are always needed. If you want to teach at the Seoul American Elementary, Middle or High Schools, either full-time or on a substitute basis, ask at the main office of the school where you want to work.

Teaching positions are also available at the private schools in Seoul. You can either write the schools directly or contact them as soon as you arrive in Korea. They often will advertise in The Morning Calm or on bulletin boards at the Commissary, Main Exchange and Town House Food Court.

Review any contracts carefully with the ACS Employment Readiness staff before accepting any position.

Also, even though you will have 60 days to obtain a Status of Forces Agreement stamp in your passport, you must have it in your possession before you apply for a job.

For youth, a Summer Youth Employment Program is available for military and civilian Family Members who are full-time students between the ages of 16 and 22. Although many of the jobs are general office helpers, there are also a variety of specialized areas where specific skills and background are required. Parents and students are reminded that one requirement to be eligible for summer employment with USFK activities is to possess a personal Social Security Number.

Parents whose children are outside of Korea should ensure that their children obtain a social security before traveling to Korea if they wish to work here during the summer. Students must also have proof of full-time student status in the States.

For youth or spouses planning to work on the economy, the employer is responsible for obtaining your work visa. Family members should contact Legal Services as to whether the work visa invalidates your SOFA status. For information, contact the ACS Employment Readiness Program Office at 738-8977.

(Editor's note: The American Forces' Spouses' Club contributed to this article)