SUWON AIR BASE -- For the 2013 Post-Level Softball season, the women of the 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery came together to make the first women's softball team on Suwon Air Base. Suwon is home of the Republic of Korea's 10th Fighter Wing and 6-52 ADA and now the Lady Iron Horse softball team.

Planning to put this team together began last November, when the local leadership and team head coach, Sgt. Atone Brown, discussed the possibility of forming an all-female team. The team, named for the battalion symbol, came together in March after several weeks of meetings and tryouts.

The process to form a ladies softball team to represent Suwon Air Base and 6-52 ADA was lengthy. With a limited number of people to choose from, the odds were against Suwon ever having a women's softball team. "People didn't believe that Suwon would have a women's softball team," said Brown. He took the challenge and formed a team that consists of more than 15 players of all ages, ranks and experience levels; some players are veterans of collegiate softball programs.

"We have a lot of experience and competitive players on the team," said Brown. "The Lady Iron Horse is here and we are not going away soon." The team will travel to Yongsan Garrison to compete in the Pacific Wide Men's & Women's Softball Tournament starting today.