The 903rd Contingency Contracting Battalion training noncommissioned officer, Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Maine plans, coordinates and in some cases, executes training sessions that keep Soldiers up-to-date and ready to deploy.

Maine recently planned and conducted the 903rd's field training exercise in Grafenwoehr, Germany.

"One of the best things about my job is seeing the training that I helped plan executed well, as with the FTX we just completed," said Maine, stationed with the unit in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

A native of Seattle, Wash., Maine wanted to be a Soldier since age 6 and joined the Army four days after graduating high school in 1983.

Maine separated from the military in 1988 and went on to own and operate a construction contracting/subcontracting business in Seattle.

In 2002, Maine reenlisted into the Army at the age of 36 to support the war effort.

In 2009, after two combat tours in Iraq with the infantry, Maine learned of new opportunities for NCOs in contracting.

"When I was told the Army was developing a military occupational series that allowed NCOs to negotiate contracts for those services, I jumped at the chance," said Maine.

While Maine continues to support the mission by ensuring Soldiers are trained and ready, he says he is excited to continue his own education and is currently working on his bachelor's degree in history.

When asked what he likes best about contracting, Maine replied, "finding ways to save the government money and still get the customer what they need to do the mission."