Soldiers from the 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) participated in a summer safety training day May 17 at Haszard Auditorium.The summer safety stand down was conducted to bring awareness to safety issues that may arise while enjoying summer activities.Capt. Paul Jones, commander of the 3d ESC HHC, felt the safety stand down was important and helped Soldiers focus on safety."It's important our Soldiers are cognoscente of things that can cause them harm or cause them bodily injury," said Jones. "It's essential they keep safety on the forefront of their mind because it's easy to lose sight of safety."While Jones feels the Army has been successful helping to mitigate risks with safety training, he feels that safety is still a number one priority. "It has to not be taken for granted," said Jones. "(Training) has to be fun and energetic; some new inventive way to drive the point home that everybody needs to be safe."Percy Black Jr., the Safety Director of the 3d ESC, also feels the Army has been successful with safety training and has come a long way to help prevent incidents from occurring."The Army has came leaps and bounds since I came in the Army in 1982," said Black. "After doing 25 years and now being a safety professional I've seen the proactive approach to safety and the command emphasis changed dramatically."Black said he has seen the impact of accident prevention training first hand."I know it definitely helped save lives," said Black. "I had a lot of my Soldiers throughout the years, and even current soldiers say without being aware of some hazards they would have probably done certain things."The safety stand down for the 3d ESC Soldiers began at 9 a.m. and lasted till 3 p.m., covering a total of seven subjects.