The producers of a new game show for ABC are looking for military Families to be contestants on the pilot episode of the show, which will offer "a huge cash prize."
Information about the name of the show, how much the prizes will be, and what kind of game show it will be is not available for proprietary reasons, said Victor Hurtado, head of Martenvee Media, which specializes in military casting. But he said the show will be "Family friendly" and involve "general-knowledge questions."
Hurtado also handled military casting for the NBC show "Nashville Star" earlier this spring.
Casting is looking for close-knit Families with a lot of personality who could benefit from a cash prize.
"It's Family game night with real stakes and prizes. We are hoping to bring the neighborhood together and reinvent Family game night altogether," according to casting producer Allison Kaz.
Casting is looking for an outgoing and fun Family with teenagers or kids (ages 7 to 21), Hurtado said.
This would be an opportunity to finally pay off a debt, buy that flat screen TV, new refrigerator, car or even a new bedroom set for the kids rooms.
The entire Family will participate in the show, which will come to the Family's house, said Hurtado, who served as artistic director of Army entertainment from 2001 to 2007.
He said the show is being produced by the same producers of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and "Oprah's Big Give."
The producers understand the sacrifices of military Families, he said, and would like to reach out to this community.
Since it's difficult for them to get onto military bases, he said, they are reaching out publicly for military Families who want to apply to be contestants.
Families who want to be considered for the game show can send an e-mail by July 3 to with name, contact information, picture of the Family and home, brief biography of each Family member, and their ages, any challenges the Family would like to include, wish list of home improvements and a statement of why the Family wants to be on the show .
Families can send as much or as little information as they are comfortable with. If the producers are interested, they will work with the Family to get more information through their local military installation's public affairs office.