SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii (May 17, 2013) -- The Department of Army photo labs are experiencing 40-50 "no-shows" each month.

Failing to make scheduled appointments wastes valuable resources and deprives other Soldiers of DA photo opportunities.

An appointment is considered a no-show in the following situations:
•If you have not reported to the DA photo lab by your appointment time.
•If you do not give adequate notice of cancellation, so the appointment can be filled. Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance.

If a Soldier misses an appointment without prior notification, he or she will not be able to make a new appointment until the photo lab receives a letter signed by the battalion commander or command sergeant major stating why the appointment was missed.

If a Soldier misses another appointment within a period of six months, he or she will not be able to make a new appointment until the lab receives a letter from the battalion commander giving assurance that the Soldier will comply with future appointments.

This policy is not intended to create hardship on Soldiers. Instead, it is designed to increase the photo lab's efficiency and better support Soldiers who are able to make their designated appointment times.

This policy will increase the capabilities of valuable time and money, as well as provide better service to all Soldiers.