YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea Aca,!" Where you will live after your arrival in Seoul is undoubtedly one or your biggest concerns. You should be assured that the Yongsan Garrison Housing Office will do everything we can to make your transition here as smooth as possible.

We are a one-stop Housing Center located on the second floor of Bldg. 4106, the Community Service Building. Our hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays (open during lunch hour), and 1-5 p.m. Thursdays.

Off-Post Housing
Off-post housing is plentiful and consists of high-rise, mid- and low-rise apartments, villas, duplexes and some single homes. Civilians will be required to reside off post except for positions designated as key and essential. For active-duty military, regardless of service, you can only reside off post if adequate government quarters for your rank and family size are not available. You will then be given a certificate of non-availability and authorization to seek economy quarters. No one should enter a lease agreement without processing through the Housing Referral Office.

Unaccompanied Personnel Housing
Unaccompanied personnel are normally assigned to Unaccompanied Personnel Housing on post.

These facilities consist of barracks, bachelor enlisted quarters, senior enlisted quarters and bachelor officer quarters.

Unaccompanied personnel are required to reside in on-post government quarters if available for their rank. Only when UPH is full will Servicemembers be given a certificate of nonavailability and be authorized to reside off post. For additional information on UPH, please call 738-5506.

Accompanied personnel-Army Family Housing
Accompanied, command-sponsored personnel are housed in Army Family Housing located on Yongsan Garrison South Post and Hannam Village.

The Yongsan Garrison Family Housing inventory consists of general and flag officer quarters, senior officer quarters, command sergeant major quarters, field grade housing and master sergeant housing. Housing for company grade officers, senior enlisted and junior enlisted families is located at Hannam Village.

When you inprocess at the housing office, your name will be placed on the appropriate waiting list for your rank and family composition. Placement on the waiting list will be based on your eligibility date, normally the date you departed your previous duty station.

The bedroom requirement is determined by the size of your family. Couples with no children or with one child are eligible for two-bedroom units. Sponsors with two children are authorized three-bedroom units and families with three or more children are authorized a four-bedrooms unit.

Family housing is normally available upon arrival except for four- and five-bedroom requirements.

Families with a requirement of four bedrooms or more may voluntarily accept a unit with fewer bedrooms than they are authorized. This may significantly decrease the waiting time for quarters; however, keep in mind that you will be considered adequately housed for the remainder of your tour, if you elect to do this.

The Housing Office provides travel decisions for concurrent travel (family housing available within 60 days of arrival), deferred travel (housing available within 140 days of arrival) and nonconcurrent travel (housing available after 140 days of arrival).

A note on pets: Currently, pets are only allowed for residents of Army Family Housing on Yongsan Garrison South Post. Pets are not allowed in Burke Towers and Hannam Village.

For information on housing travel status or availability of family housing, call 738-3211.

It is our honor and privilege to serve you. To make an appointment for in-processing or any housing issues, call 738-4096.