FORT RUCKER, Ala. (May 16, 2013) -- Silence fell as the countdown began before more than 100 runners shot off the starting line to begin the Fort Rucker Army 10-miler May 11.

The race began at the Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Facility where 96 individual runners and eight teams came together to participate, with a total of 86 individuals completing the full 10 miles, according to results provided by Kristi Fink, fitness program manager at Fortenberry-Colton Physical Fitness Facility.

"This year's run was a success with a 33-percent increase in participation from last year," said Fink. "We have quite a few people interested in practicing and possibly trying out for the Fort Rucker 10-mile team that we will be sending to Washington, D.C., in October [for the Army 10-miler]."

There were several winners in multiple categories of the race including: Jonathan Argyle, overall male winner with a time of 58:55; Teresa Haltom, overall female winner with a time of 1:10:33; Kevin Pawlik, overall male master winner with a time of 1:08:34; Susan Fondy, overall female master winner with a time of 1:31:50; Curtis McDonald, overall male grandmaster winner with a time of 1:31:28; Karen Janine Stidley, overall female grandmaster winner with a time of 1:59:03; and the top relay team was Team Warriors, with a combined time of 1:05:18.

Fink said a lot of people compete in the Fort Rucker 10-miler to prepare for the upcoming Army 10-miler in Washington, adding that the run is a good way for people to see if they have what it takes to make the Fort Rucker team.

"The 10-mile run is a very challenging event, and there are a lot of runners that are interested in making the Fort Rucker 10-mile team," she said.

Julie Santon was among the spectators for the race and said that she would have loved to participate in the race if it hadn't been for an injury she sustained just a week before.

"I had planned to run in this race with all of my friends, but I ended up hurting my ankle and I didn't want to risk injuring it further," she said. "But I feel like this race is a good test of endurance and it's really something that people should participate in to push themselves to the next level."

Although she wasn't able to participate, she wanted to make sure she was there to show support for her friends that were determined to finish the race.

"I just want to make sure I'm here for them when they cross that finish line, and who knows, maybe they will be a part of the Fort Rucker team to represent us in D.C.," said Santon.

In 2010, Fort Rucker's Army 10-miler team took first place at the Washington Army 10-miler, and Santon said she hopes that the installation can repeat that feat this year.

General registration for the D.C. Army 10-miler opened May 15 and Fink said that anyone interested in practicing and trying out for the team can contact either physical fitness facility at 255-3794 or 255-2296.