SEOUL (May 13, 2013) -- American troops, civilians and family members took on one of the most prominent peaks in South Korea's capital city, May 11, together with a million of their closest friends.

Eighth Army participated in the Million Person Walking Festival on Seoul's Namsan Mountain, the site of the iconic Seoul Tower.

Hosted by Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, the festival participants walked the 7.5 kilometer course around and up the mountain.

Along with the other U.S. military participants, Eighth Army Deputy Commanding General for Sustainment Brig. Gen. Chris Gentry and Command Sgt. Maj. Rodney D. Harris walked the course with the Seoul mayor.

The Eighth Army Band performed at the event and troops passed out water, milk and snacks.

Gentry thanked the Seoul mayor for hosting the event and the participants for supporting the Republic of Korea-United States Alliance.

"The security provided by this alliance has enabled one of the greatest modern success stories of the 20th century," said Gentry.

"And nowhere is this great rise more visible than from Namsan Mountain where you can see the great city that surrounds us here," said Gentry, a native of Franklin, Tenn.

Gentry said the event personified the teamwork the Republic of Korea, or ROK-U.S. Alliance demonstrates daily as it defends freedom on the Korean Peninsula.

"Walking side-by-side, today we demonstrate our time-tested and time-honored ROK-U.S. Alliance motto of Katchi Kapshida -- 'we go together,'" said Gentry.

Eighth Army Deputy Public Affairs Officer Lt. Col. Michael Sennett said the walking festival drew many American walkers from nearby Yongsan Garrison, the U.S. military headquarters post in Korea.

"It was a great event and a good way to spend a sunny Saturday morning," said Sennett, a native of Acworth, Ga.