Name: Wanda Squirewell

Years of Federal Service: 15 years

Activities/Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, playing the piano/guitar and being a student of faith.

Where do you work? J3 Operations and Intelligence Division

What is your job title? Supervisory Intelligence Specialist

Describe your job: I provide leadership and overall management of the Intelligence Division and manage/direct the planning, organization of all near-real-time intelligence gathering, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination involving intelligence data derived from the Intelligence Community. I provide the commanding general, Command Leadership and staff personnel and All Hazardous threat assessment specific to indications and warnings with regards to Foreign Intelligence and Counterintelligence efforts.

What do you like best about your job? This job allows me to be a person of service. Each and every day I have the opportunity to assist and support numerous staff members. Furthermore, I'm able to facilitate processes for leadership and staff members, which may ultimately help them achieve their tasks and endeavors. This job allows me to be a person of service and that is a core value in my life. I'm very appreciative to be afforded the opportunity to support our Command team each and every day.

What is your most memorable experience during your time here at MDW?
I've been a part of this organization for eight years and the most memorable experience for me is the "Organizational Staff Event Day." This is an annual event that really gives back to the command staff members, family and friends. This event provides an opportunity to contribute to team building events, exchange greetings and invest in conversation. It is a day when we can say, "Thank you" and "Job Well Done" for all the work efforts and support throughout the year. Great Day full of "GO TEAM Spirit."

Would you recommend working here to other federal employees? Yes, I would recommend any federal employee to work here. This is a dynamic and visionary organization that strives to be the best and provides forward thinking support to our Nations Leaders. You'll become a part of a, "Family" not a "Workforce" and we take care of each other in mission, career and life endeavors. This is an environment that emanates strong support for work/life balance. You'll be able to gain legacy experiences here and build life long career relationships as well as lifelong friendships.