GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- After the wrath of this past winter, it's time to begin anew. The newfound sun shining down on the garrison is the perfect setting to step outside for a bit of spring cleaning.

The Bavarian Military community, to include off-post housing areas, will participate in the 2013 Spring Cleanup, May 13-17 to improve the appearance of community facilities by cleaning areas of responsibility.

The garrison reminds community members that Spring Cleanup is everyone's responsibility. All Soldiers, civilians and family members are required participate.

This applies whether you live in government or government-leased quarters, as well as at the work place. Areas of concentrated emphasis are homes, work places and designated common areas.

Maximum participation of housing occupants and Soldiers' quarters is necessary to successfully execute this program. Soldiers will report to their area/building coordinators to receive specific instructions for cleanup.

Sponsoring units will also participate in their respective areas. Focus will be on the entire building (basements, washrooms, storage rooms, etc.) and a 50-foot perimeter around the buildings and the common areas. The end state is a complete cleaning of housing buildings, common areas and grounds.

Self Help will have tools and equipment available. Special materials required should be obtained from Self Help no later than one week prior to the Spring Cleanup (paint, topsoil, beauty bark, etc). All checked out equipment must be returned one week after scheduled cleanup.

As large unwanted items pile up, the Grafenwoehr SORT Program will come to the rescue with curbside pick-up.

Bulk pick-up for Grafenwoehr and Rose Barracks on-post housing will take place Tuesday, May 14. No material should be set out before May 10 or after 8 a.m. on the day of pick-up. Troop billet areas will receive pick-up on Thursday, May 16.

Items to be picked up are as follows: furniture, mattresses, carpets, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, large TVs, ovens, stoves, bicycles and other items that cannot be dismantled, torn or broken down to a size that would fit.

Refrigerators and freezers must be handled and placed with care so that the cooling coils will not get damaged.

Useable unwanted items can be donated to community at the new Freecycle store, Grafenwoehr, Building 441, or on-post thrift stores, Grafenwoehr Building 508 and Rose Barracks Building 221.