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DOHA, Qatar - Kennel master Sgt. 1st Class Anthony Bostwick receives the U.S. Army Forces Command, 2012 Best Military Working Dog Detachment Award on behalf of the Fort Drum 8th Military Working Dog Detachment.

Newly arrived to Camp As Sayliyah kennel master Anthony Bostwick was notified that his previous assignment, the 8th Military MWD Detachment in Fort Drum, received the first ever FORSCOM 2012 Best Military Working Dog Detachment Award.

Awarded by Lt. Gen. William Barrett, III, the selection recognizes the detachment as the best in the command exemplifying the Army's rigorous requirements for combat readiness noting the high degree of preparedness maintained by the unit, performance in support of combat operations, as well as leadership and selfless service necessary to protect our nation.

When asked what his reaction was to receiving the award, Bostwick said, "I've received a lot of congratulations since being notified, but I could not have had a good kennel without good handlers that work under me."

Bostwick, a kennel master for eight years, creates structure and discipline for the daily training of the dog teams, as well as creates standard operating procedures for the use of the dogs. He lays the foundations for creating better handlers and works closely with the plans and operations noncommissioned officer to ensure he can step in as the kennel master at a moment's notice.

"I enjoy going to work every day," said Bostwick. "If I have a bad day, all I have to do is walk outside and pet one of the dogs to feel better. Working as the kennel master, I do miss the personal connection with the dogs, but I love teaching and molding the upcoming NCOs."

In an effort to get the initiative off the ground, the initial award was based off of the 2012 MWD certification percentages, which is defined as the number of dog teams that was sent for certification and passed, plus the overall result of the 2012 Army Kennel Inspection and Assessment. Bostwick received "excellence" ratings in both categories at Fort Drum two years running.

The evaluated categories were limited in 2012 with the MWD detachments being established by 16 October; however the plan for 2013 will encompass every phase of activity bearing directly on training, readiness and mission success. The annual MWD Detachment award, in the future, will align with the process designed to select the FORSCOM Eagle Award recipient as the most outstanding military police unit, company size or smaller within the Forces Command and will be presented in the same manner.

"It is an honor for me to receive this recognition on behalf of the 8th MWD," said Bostwick. "But, this will not change anything in the past or how I do things in the future. I was just doing my job."