The Interactive Customer Evaluation program is designed to give government organizations feedback on the programs they provide, helping them determine what is effective and what needs improvement.

It allows Department of Defense customers to assess products and services provided by DoD facilities across the globe and make sure they are meeting necessary standards.

It could be you want to comment positively or negatively on the wait time encountered at a facility you visited or compliment/scold a service provider who assisted you there. Customers can do this by filling out survey forms provided on site in organization offices, by visiting the ICE website on a computer and searching for the link to the designated organization, or by scanning an organization's QR (quick response) code on their smart phone. The comment cards are uniform for each organization, asking customers to evaluate a facility's appearance, the attitude of its staff, the timeliness of the service provided and whether the organization has workable hours of operation. Customers can rate an organization on a scale from "excellent" to "awful" by checking the box that best applies.

There is also a space on the form where customers can leave comments, elaborating on any issues they may have that transcend a one-word evaluation. The interactive part of ICE comes in when customers have a question or comment that requires a response. The system is designed to alert the managers of an organization when a question/comment has been filed that needs to be answered. The manager must then respond to the query in a timely manner. Customers can fill out ICE comment forms anonymously, but need to supply a name and point of contact if they are seeking a response.

While the program has been an effective tool for organizations to evaluate their internal services and to reinvent themselves when necessary, the JBM-HH ICE program is hoping to tweak the system somewhat to encourage more positive feedback.

According to Beti Firth, a program manager/analyst with the Directorate of Plans Analysis and Integration and the JBM-HH ICE site administrator, the customer forms have sometimes been used to inappropriately lambast an individual in an office by name, or by one employee to criticize a coworker. She said the program would like to see more organizations and people "singled out for praise or exceptional service" on submitted forms, making the program a forum for positive change.

It's human nature, Firth said, for such forums to generate more critical comments than laudatory ones. As anyone who reads letters to the editor or comments on blog postings knows, people often seem more energized by pique than affirmation. The JBM-HH ICE program is trying to change that.

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