As you read the Holy Bible, you will find very interesting and wonderful stories -- the kind of narrative that makes you examine yourself and think.

Such a story, I believe, will be found in the book of 2 Samuel, Chapter 9. It is the story of King David of Israel, who desired to show kindness to his best friend's (who was killed in battle) descendants.

The story goes that David's best friend, Jonathan, had a son, Mephibosheth, who was handicapped, being unable to walk. King David wanted to bless -- show kindness -- Mephibosheth, so he had him stay at his own house, all expenses paid, for the rest of his life. Now that is showing kindness!

Showing kindness ought to be a natural desire flowing from ones heart. We ought not to struggle with the decision to be kind to someone when the opportunity is at our disposal. If you have the power to bless then you should bless someone. This was clearly demonstrated by King David. He had and he gave, and so should we do likewise.

The beauty about giving is that when we give kindness we receive happiness back. In other words, it is a joy to give when you give out of a heart of kindness. So, you end up being blessed when you bless others. This is God's way.

Being kind is not always easy, but it is the right thing to do. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and carry on. Many times you can show kindness and the recipient does not even acknowledge the act! Well, God above sees and knows and takes it to account.

We all have ample opportunities in life to show kindness to someone. It may be through charity, it may be your time, it may be a gesture, it may be a gift or it may be a kind word given in a time of need.

Speaking of kind words, do you realize how easy it is to be kind by your words that you speak? Showing kindness in words costs nothing but your breath, effort and desire. Kind words are words that show appreciation or words that uplift or encourage or bring hope or bring healing.

We all should realize that we desperately need more acts and words of kindness in this world of pain, turmoil, worry, suffering, sickness and a host of other unwantables that life may bring.

Each of us has the wonderful power to make a person's day better if we choose to be a blessing to others. Kindness is a choice and you cannot go wrong with being kind. It is written in the Bible, "be not overcome with evil; but overcome evil with good."

You will be given an opportunity to be kind to someone. What will you do about it? Don't run away from this opportunity, don't hesitate and don't delay. As the slogan goes, just do it!