I respectfully request your support for Army Recruiting in your hometown communities and local duty station areas. As this war continues, recruiting remains a challenge. Hearing firsthand from senior Army leaders is a great way for the American people to learn about the professionalism, dedication and sacrifices of our Soldiers.

I encourage those of you interested to complete an online survey to help us identify the recruiting locations in which you would like to assist:
http://survey.usaac.army.mil/surveys/6EA84J. It just takes a few minutes to complete. Your information will be provided to the appropriate Army Recruiting Battalion, as authorized in the survey, who will contact you to coordinate speaking and support opportunities.

There are three programs designed for Soldiers to assist USAREC with their recruiting mission. These programs allow Soldiers to assist recruiters with finding qualified individuals to enlist in the Army and speak to individuals about their Army career. They provide a valuable outlook to these individuals on the aspects of their daily life in the Army.

Your Soldiers have the opportunity to speak in their hometowns about the Army and their deployment experiences through the Hometown
(HRAP) and Special Recruiter Assistance Programs (SRAP).

The HRAP allows enlisted Soldiers who have recently completed AIT, OSUT or Army Civilian Acquired Skills Training (ACASP) to return to their hometowns to assist the local recruiters by sharing their Army training experiences with family, friends, high school classmates, Future Soldiers, veterans, and community leaders.

HRAP Soldiers report to the recruiting station and accompany recruiters throughout the community to assist in obtaining quality referrals for enlistment.

HRAP Soldiers return home on permissive TDY for up to 14 days. Soldiers who meet the below criteria may volunteer to participate in HRAP by submitting a DA Form 31 through the appropriate chain of command.

The SRAP program is a way to offer enlisted Soldiers 25 years of age or younger who have served on the front lines an opportunity to share their experiences with local communities in their own words. This program will allow families, friends, local organizations and leaders to hear first hand accounts of the war through the voices of their hometown heroes. Additionally, this special program will promote Army awareness while supporting the Army's recruiting efforts through media and organizational events, as well as Future Soldier functions.

Information and application instructions for these and other recruiting support programs are available online at http://www.2k.army.mil.

"ARS SMART" is a program which is designed for our Soldiers, to assist USAREC with our recruiting mission. The program is an initiative to assist our recruiting force in providing the strength for America's Army.

Additionally, this program creates a partnership and promotes camaraderie between the recruiting battalions and the installation/regional support command CSMs in their battalion area. Installation CSMs are charged with introducing ARS "SMART" to all CSMs/SGMs on their installation.
This program encourages Soldiers, military retirees and civilians to provide referrals interested in enlisting into the Army and/or Army Reserve. All referring sponsors participating in the SMART Program are eligible for the Sergeant Major of the Army Coin and Certificate provided the referral submitted through the website enlists into the Army or Army Reserve.
The Referral Bonus is $2,000 dollars. The bonus amount will be paid in two lump sums. $1,000.00 will be paid to the eligible sponsor once the Soldier (referral) has commenced Basic Training. Payment requests will be sent to DFAS upon verification that the Soldier is in fact in Basic Training. Payment should be received within 45 days of request submission. $1,000.00 will be paid to the eligible sponsor once the Soldier (referral) has completed and graduated from OSUT or AIT.

Soldiers making referrals for the Army or Army Reserve must use the ARS-SMART website http://www.2k.army.mil. All Soldiers and other Army users must use their AKO user name and password for their ARS-SMART account to include their UIC. USAREC e-mail all Active Army and Army Reserve questions to SMART@usarec.army.mil. 1-800-223-3735 Ext. 6-0473 Mon-Fri 0900-1700 EST.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping to make Army Recruiting successful.

Hooah! Army Strong!