During the Army's current state of high operational tempo, the maintenance and repair of equipment is a high-priority mission for many units, but European-based units have a unique option to assist them.

The Logistics Contract Management Office, a U.S. Army Europe unit under the operational control of the 405th Army Field Support Brigade, provides a rare service: ensuring quality contract performance for USAREUR to include contracts for the Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, primarily focusing on the maintenance and repair of tactical vehicles and equipment.

Sometimes 'business as usual' turns unusual, as it did when USAREUR requested the accelerated repair of three M60A1 Armored Vehicle Launched Bridges chassis's . Normally, the production time for M60A1 AVLB chassis repair is 180 days, but LoCMO was up to the challenge of a rapid turn-around. Working with its partner Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft, the LoCMO shortened the production schedule to a mere 100 days.

When notified of the Army's urgency, FFG doubled its efforts by increasing man hours and adjusting its production lines. Despite the curtailed delivery requirement, the scope of work remained unchanged: full -10 and -20 repairs and maintenance, Delayed Desert Damage and Special Maintenance Procedures, and painting.

In order to meet the short timeline for delivery, FFG reconfigured its production line to repair M60 power packs while waiting for the delivery of M60 engines. With remarkable effort, the LoCMO and FFG fully met USAREUR's delivery requirement in time, on time.

This success is just one of many that demonstrates LoCMO's solid partnerships with its host national industrial base partners, the organization's dedication to the Army mission, and their capability to adjust fire to meet the Army's frequently changing requirements. Indeed, LoCMO serves the Soldier as it "bridges the gap" between logistics and contract management.