FORT HOOD, Texas --Soldiers, Families and friends of 1-395th Engineer Battalion, Viper Battalion, 479th Field Artillery Brigade, Division West, recently gathered at the West Fort Hood Physical Fitness Center to participate in a fun-filled day of physical activity at the unit's first Zumbathon Health Fair and Car Show.

"This is an opportunity for those participating to enhance their physical fitness while doing something fun and challenging," said Lt. Col. Kip Korth, commander of the 1-395th Engineer Battalion.

More than 100 participants from the greater Fort Hood area were instructed by Terry Flemings, who led more than four hours of Zumba routines that were both challenging and engaging.

"Our goal was to make this event educational, beneficial and fun for participates of all ages. Zumba does not discriminate. Any age, race, gender, sex and disability can enjoy Zumba, as there is no necessary dance experience or special skill level required," Flemings said. "By joining this event, people had the chance to experience what we do to obtain an excellent, fun-filled workout that provides fundamental training relating to your health and fitness needs."
During breaks, the Zumbathoners could enjoy looking at more than 20 classic and modern vehicles brought to the car show by members of the Mid-Texas Corvette Club, Central Texas Camaro Coalition and the battalion.

At the health fair, participants could also speak with representatives from Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center about topics such as nutrition, smoking cessation, biofeedback, and physical and occupational therapy.

"This was an excellent opportunity for everyone to have fun while checking their health," said Staff Sgt. Candance Thomas, a medic assigned to 1-395th Engineer Battalion. "The key to fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is finding an activity that fits you and that you enjoy. I have been doing Zumba for a number of years now, and I always see peoples' bodies and minds transform for the better."