CAMP HUMPHREYS -- Registered Dietitians from Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital make regular visits to the Humphreys Health Clinic to help Soldiers and their families focus on the importance of making informed food choices, along with developing sound eating and physical activity habits.

BAACH provides active duty dieticians, who travel the peninsula to provide accurate nutrition, weight and dietary supplement information for Soldiers as part of Comprehensive Soldier Fitness. By developing the warrior to better eating and activity habits, they adapt better to the stresses of the battlefield, ensuring Soldiers are always prepared for the next fight.

A dietitian is a nutrition expert who has received a degree in nutrition, completed a hands-on training program and passed a nationally recognized credentialing exam. A dietitian is different from a "nutritionist" because of the education, training and testing processes required. Nutritionists may or may not have any nutrition related education.

Dietitions are experts in sports nutrition, healthy weight loss, smart dietary supplement use, nutrition for heart health, pregnancy nutrition, pediatric nutrition and many other specialty areas. The majority of RDs work in the treatment and prevention of disease, both in the hospital and in the community.

Capt. Michael Noyes, a registered dietition from BAACH, is one of the visiting dietitians who routinely come to Camp Humphreys Clinic. His specialty is adult weight management. During a recent visit, Noyes said "I travel to see patients of all ages, active duty and family members, and work with them regarding every nutrition related condition.

"The recent emphasis for Soldiers to meet requirements of the Army Weight Control Program has definitely increased the number of patients seeking our guidance." he added. "Appointments are actually pretty fun and it's all geared around what the patient is up for doing at the time. We build on small successes until our goal is finally met."

The Army-MOVE weight management class assists Soldiers and family members to balance overall lifestyle habits for weight control success. If a Soldier is flagged for not meeting body fat standards of AR 600-9, this class is required. Soldiers and family members who attend the classes gain a fundamental understanding of habits and behaviors that shape their nutrition choices for weight loss.

"The most important thing about being an RD is to make sure that the person knows I am on their side, let them know that they're not alone, my job is to support them," said Noyes. To see a dietitian, patients will need a consultation from a health clinic Primary Care Provider. A dietitian travels to the Camp Humphreys on Monday or Wednesday, to provide individually scheduled appointments and Army Move classes. Unit training on dietary supplements or sport nutrition can be scheduled to meet your unit's needs. For more information, call the BAACH Nutrition Clinic at 737-1570.