The Housing Management Division at Camp Zama is under new management, having recently launched a newly improved housing division.

Philip M. Tedpahogo, Housing Management Division chief, joined the housing team in July 2012. He has more than 10 years of experience. He came from the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe in Belgium as the U.S. housing manager.

Kimberly D. Lewis, Family Housing and Furnishings chief, joined the housing Team in October 2012. 21 October 2012. She also has more than 10 years of experience and came from Fort Huachuca, Ariz., as the operations and maintenance specialist, her organization serving as oversight for privatized housing.

We are a new and improved team. Our local nationals are our superstars when it comes to reaching out to our residents on their housing needs, and they continue to provide world-class customer service to the Camp Zama community.

Both Tedpahogo and Lewis said they consider themselves fortunate to be given the opportunity to join an organization with such a fine reputation for its quality of homes. Both positions offer new and exciting challenges, they said.

Army Family Housing is managed by U.S. Army Garrison Japan's Directorate of Public Works, Housing Management Division. The Camp Zama community is comprised of two separate installations: Camp Zama and the Sagamihara Family Housing Area. For housing assignment purposes, Camp Zama and SFHA are considered one area.

Upon arrival, there is currently an approximate 30- to 60-day waiting period for housing.

The Family Housing Management Branch is critically short on housing to support inbound service members and civilians. The current requirement exceeds our inventory. Our ability to offer more than one home, a specific home, a specific installation, or consider special requests, is very limited.

We provide full-tour furnishings and appliance support. Please do not bring appliances; they may not be compatible with voltage in Japan, and they are available for issue from our warehouse.

When you do furnishing selection for your new housing assignment, please provide a copy of your household goods shipment inventory list.