HOHENFELS, Germany -- Pint-sized pirates invaded the Hohenfels Military Community recently as the Hohenfels Elementary School 6th grade class presented "Pirates! The Musical" at the Hohenfels Theater."This is one of the best, most fun, well-written musicals we have," said Debbie Barrows, HES music teacher. "It's got a great storyline, it's funny, the music's good and the kids really get into it."The plot involved a young stowaway who yearned to be pirate and sail the salty seas until she fell afoul of the dreaded Pirate King, played by ESL teacher Chris Hite."I really wanted Chris to be in it because I know he sings, and entertains and performs," said Barrows. Hite plays drums in a local Wakersdorf band known as "Project Blue."Stowaway Verona McKinney has the only solo in the play and said this was her first adventure on stage."It was really nerve-wracking singing in front of the whole school," she said.The class had been rehearsing since January and their hard work really paid off. Barrows said that though there are always some grumblings during rehearsals, after the performances the children all agreed the play was a blast.Mackenzie Phillips summarized the general feeling."It was really fun, and I just enjoyed saying all the lines and working with the whole class," she said.The audience was just as enthusiastic."It was exciting, and my little ones were all singing and dancing along," said Cortney Fox.This isn't the first time pirates have pillaged and plundered in play here at Hohenfels. The school also performed "A Pirates Christmas" for the community last December, and Barrows is fairly certain that there will be more "Jolly Rogers" on the horizon.