FAIRFIELD, Calif. -- Kudos to Staff Sgts. Joshua Hughes and Alexander Perez for doing the right thing: Acting when others did not, in order to help someone in need.

During a day of prospecting in March at the food court in the Solano Mall where the Fairfield Career Center is located, Hughes and Perez witnessed an elderly man exhibiting distress and signs of a seizure. They began administering first aid and directed a bystander to call 911. Upon discovering the man was ­diabetic, they gave him an energy drink to help stabilize him until emergency medical services could arrive.

Their actions are an example of living the Army ­Values. In this case, it is the Army Value of Integrity, doing the right thing helping someone in need. Hughes, when asked about the incident, did not think it was even worth mentioning.

"It was just what anyone would have done," he said.

Soldiers hold themselves to a higher standard by living the Army Values. It is also a standard that even the best of us can struggle with putting into action. So thank you again to Hughes and Perez for reminding us how to get it right.

The cost: Time lost from "Mission Objectives" ... 15 minutes. Energy drink ... $2.25. Having the general public see Army Values in action saving lives ... Priceless.