Today, the Army will join the Nation in celebrating Earth Day. Army installations and organizations will renew their commitment to stewardship of the environment and the lands where our Soldiers, Civilians and Families train, work and live.

The Army is a leader among Federal agencies in protecting, conserving and restoring the environment at our installations. Our installation land management efforts and partnerships with conservation organizations help to ensure responsible Army stewardship of the valuable natural resources entrusted to us by the American people. Earth Day is an opportunity to Acknowledge the Past by restoring Army training lands to useable condition and preserving cultural and natural resources, to Engage the Present by meeting environmental standards that enable Army operations and protect our Soldiers, Families and communities, and to Chart the Future by institutionalizing best practices and technology that ensure future environmental resiliency.

As we join in this Earth Day, the Army is facing challenges that require even more efficient ways to manage our installations. All of us must look for and champion ways to accomplish our mission with narrowing financial resources. We must continue our efforts to support the Army's mission by conserving cultural and natural resources, harnessing more energy from alternative sources, promoting greater fuel and energy efficiency, and furthering Net Zero energy, water and waste efforts. By making the right choices today, our Army will remain the world 's premier military force into the future.

This Earth Day, and every day, we all have an opportunity to make a difference. The security of our Nation is vital and is directly enhanced by the wise use of resources. We encourage you to participate in Army Earth Day events and do your part to help sustain the environment for a secure future.

Army Green is Army Strong!