SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii (April 18, 2013) -- New and improved recycling bins and the ability to recycle a greater variety of materials curbside are coming soon to your neighborhood.

Rolloffs Hawaii, Island Palm Communitie's refuse vendor, has been signed on to handle recycling effective May 1.

Recycling pick-up will take place the same day as residents' regular trash pick-up, but will occur every other week.

The small blue bins residents currently use will be replaced with one large bin, similar to the trash can. The list of items below all can be placed into the new recycling bin, which means, no more sorting:

•Aluminum cans;
•Aluminum containers;
•Bi-metal cans;
•Glass used for food or drink, but please rinse;
•Newspapers, including glossy pages;
•Office paper;
•Steel cans; and
•Telephone books.

Please do not place plastic bags, bagged materials, shoes, shredded paper (confetti-type), Styrofoam or general trash in your recycling bin.

Delivery began on April 15; each household receives one recycling bin.

The small blue bin is recyclable, so place it in the new recycling bin, and it will be collected on your scheduled service date.

Similar to regular trash pick-up, recycling will use the same automated process -- emptying bins using a truck with a mechanical arm.

Residents with questions about the new recycling program should contact their community center for assistance.