Pfc. Elliot Perry, 21, of Denison, Texas, a machine gunner with 2nd Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, grew up hunting, so knowing a lot about wildlife and hunting strategy is second nature for this 82nd Airborne Division Paratrooper.Perry was able to out perform 48 other soldiers with his knowledge of wildlife and hunting skills to win the Jackie Bushman, 2006 Buckmasters Challenge July 26 on the nationally televised Jackie Bushman Show.For Perry to win the challenge he had to answer a series of trivia questions as well as hit a balloon target using a bow and just three arrows. The trivia questions were an assortment of hunting and wildlife questions."The questions fluctuated," said Perry. "The first question they asked was 'what disease is a nine banded armadillo prone to'', so they varied."Knowing the wildlife trivia wasn't all that helped him win the contest- Perry's expert bow hunting skills, which he learned at a young age, also helped him in the final round of the contest.Although Perry's veteran bow skills and wildlife knowledge gave him confidence throughout the competition, he received a little help in the semi-finals from his platoon sergeant, Sgt. First Class Jamathan Nelson."Once I got knocked out I became his coach," said Nelson, who also competed in the challenge but was eliminated by Perry in the first round. Even though Nelson didn't win the contest, he was still happy that Perry won."If I can't win than I want one of my guys to win," said Nelson.After winning the challenge Perry was able to ride a way on a new Yamaha Grizzly four- wheeler along with a rifle muzzle loader and a new bow. He won more than $10000 in prizes.The challenge will be aired in the middle of September over the course of three episodes on the Outdoor Channel.