ARLINGTON, Va.- A tape measure and scale were the weapons of the day as Marines from Headquarters and Service Battalion, Headquarters Marine Corps Henderson Hall's S-3 set up shop at the Pentagon April 9.

All Marines, whether active duty or Reserve, are required to maintain their weight in accordance with Marine Corps standards and are required to get weighed and measured on a semi-annual basis, explained Staff Sgt. Andrew Proctor, S-3 leadership instructor/formal schools SNOIC.

"The standards are important because it keeps Marines healthy, in shape and makes sure that the Marines are competitive when it comes to meeting their professional goals," he added.

Taking the height and weight checks on the road to the Pentagon helps ensure the Marines stationed there can meet the training requirement without having to make the trip to Henderson Hall to be weighed and measured, Proctor said.

"It gives the Marines that work at the Pentagon a chance to get their height and weight done over there so they can get their semi-annual training done so they don't have to come over here.

"Whenever we have the opportunity to go down there and help the Pentagon out to be able to accomplish their height and weight for that semi-annual period, we make that time for them," he added.

Marines who are under- or overweight based on the Corps' standards are enrolled in the Marine Corps body composition program, which helps the Marines return to fighting trim.

Henderson Hall Marines will provide height and weight screenings at the Pentagon again April 24.