CAMP HUMPHREYS -- The Camp Humphreys Internship Program, which is part of the U.S. Forces Korea Good Neighbor Community Relations Program, has been in operation here for about four years and has seen approximately 70 local Korean university students successfully complete their internship.

For various reasons, whether to build upon their personal careers or to improve their English, students from Namseoul University and Pyeongtaek University have applied for this program. "As for the merits of this internship program, not only does Camp Humphreys keep good relations with the local community by providing this opportunity to university students to work in U.S. Army installation, Korean students also get the chance to work in an American environment and experience American culture without traveling to the United States," said Yu Pom-tong, better known at Peter, the Humphreys Garrison community relations officer.

"Basically, we try to pick prospective students who have a willingness and eagerness to experience the new culture and challenge and who are interested in working around an American environment," said Suzanne James, the Humphreys Garrison Army Community Service director and coordinator of the program.

When the current group of interns visited here in January, it was a day the student interns say they will never forget. As they passed through the Pedestrian Gate, Victoria Choi, the lead intern for Class 6 told them "Value the time you are spending at Camp Humphreys. Don't waste it. Stay focused on your goals and don't hesitate to ask questions and don't forget to enjoy your time there."

Currently, 12 interns are assigned to various directorates including ACS, the Community Activity Center, Army Continuing Education Center, Directorate of Emergency Services, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Marketing, the Family Readiness Center, the Plans, Analysis and Integration Office and the Public Affairs Office and Visual Information Support Center.

They have already been here for more than two months and have adjusted to Humphreys life. Now, they look like they enjoy being part of this community and learning what they have to do from their sections. Lee Eun-ji, who goes by the American name of Carol and works at DES, is the first intern at DES. So she didn't have any information about her workplace. But, fortunately, she adjusted to her work environment and is enjoying her intern life.

"I'm learning and experiencing at the departments under DES, what they are doing in Camp Humphreys," she said. "I have a lot of chances to learn how I should treat people because I do face-to-face communication. I'm getting hands-on experience with American business cultures through attending meetings."

Arisae Ryu, a former lead intern who worked at the USO before moving on to other things, also left a message for the current ones. "The internship program is a perfect chance to immerse yourself into the U.S. community," she said. "Don't be afraid of going out of your way and learning new things. Volunteering and attending all sorts of events and activities will provide you such valuable memories you will never forget. People around you now are the friends you will always have. So keep exploring and enjoy."