FORT KNOX, Ky. -- Recruiting Command has launched an update to its Family Strong Resource Guide, a comprehensive source of information, phone numbers and Web links for Soldiers and Families making the transition to recruiting duty.

"I think everyone feels a bit anxious when they are coming to a new environment. Being assigned to USAREC has unique challenges because we're so geographically dispersed and in most cases living away from a post with Army Community Service facilities," said Robyn Mann, wife of USAREC Commanding General Maj. Gen. David L. Mann. "We hope the USAREC Family Strong Resource Guide will empower Families by giving them the information they need to assist with moving and understanding how USAREC functions."

As the command reinvigorates its sponsorship program, the guide serves as a great tool to help USAREC Families help each other, according to Cara Moore, wife of USAREC Command Sgt. Maj. Todd A. Moore.

The command's Soldier and Family Assistance program managers, located at each recruiting brigade and battalion headquarters, provide USAREC Families the whole gamut of services available at an installation Army Community Service office. Because some recruiting battalion areas cover hundreds of thousands of miles spanning several states, this guide is one of the additional resources USAREC provides to help Families become more self-sufficient and remain resilient, according to Frankie Stull, USAREC's chief of Soldier and family assistance here on Fort Knox.

Stull said a lot of work went into developing and researching the information in the guide, an effort led by the command's senior spouses, as well as Lori Legg, wife of the USAREC G-3 Sgt. Maj. Luther Legg, and Chris Lamb, an intern assigned to the project, along with the staff of the G-1 Soldier and Family Assistance Office. It was true a team effort. Mann said she is both incredibly proud and appreciative of the entire team's efforts to create such a detailed guide to help USAREC Families.

Mann cautioned, however, that, "Even though the guide will help, there is nothing that compares with talking to someone who has been there. We encourage USAREC Families to reach out and sponsor these new Families so we can make USAREC even more ARMY STRONG!"

The guide is being distributed throughout the command this month; read it online now at For additional resources for recruiting Families, visit the Soldier and Family Assistance Branch website at