GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- When Peter Thometzki and Erich Goetz began working for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, President Dwight D. Eisenhower was in office and a gallon of gas cost 30 cents.

Thometzki, a barber for the Grafenwoehr Exchange, started his career in 1956. Goetz, also a barber at the Exchange in Grafenwoehr, started his career in 1960. Together, they have 110 years working for the Exchange, serving generations of Soldiers.

"Serving those who protect our freedom is extremely rewarding," said Thometzki. "It hasn't felt like a job to me -- it's more of an honor and a privilege to have been able do this for so long."

In his career as a Grafenwoehr barber over five decades, Goetz says he has made many friends and still keeps in touch with many whose hair he would cut.

While the faces of customers have changed over the years, Thometzki's and Goetz's dedication and devotion to the troops has never wavered.

"Thinking back on the past 57 years, reminds me of what an honor it has been to serve those that serve," said Thometzki. "Energy prices may go up and politicians change, but waking up and going to work alongside the best customers in the world in 2013 is just as exciting as it was my first day on the job."