A transfer of authority ceremony for Task Force 134, detainee operations, was held at Al Faw Palace June 6. Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Douglas Stone transferred authority to U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Garland Wright.
"General Stone's performance has been strategic leadership at its finest," U.S. Army General David Petraeus, Multi-National Force-Iraq commanding general, said. "He got the big ideas right, and he and his team turned them into realities. And for that we are very grateful."
"Thank you for your leadership, your vision, your energy and many other qualities you brought to Multi-National Force-Iraq and for the significant achievements of Task Force 134 on your watch and under your leadership," Petraeus said. "You have been a true national and international asset in this position, and an invaluable part of our team. And we all wish the best of luck to you and your family, and earn a well deserved promotion to lieutenant general."
"It has been a tremendous privilege to have worked with so many Iraqis and have served the Iraqi people," Stone said. "In detainee operations we have been able to remain focused on the future of Iraq and the future of the people of Iraq."
One of Stone's greatest achievements in detainee operations were the Iraqis who leave U.S. custody and return to their families and prosper in the Iraqi society never again to take up arms against coalition forces or their fellow citizens.
Stone has raised the standard of living in addition to providing education centers in all of the detainee compounds under his care. Detainee had even requested to stay so they could finish their education before going back to their families.
"What we do in detainee ops is not perfect, but what we are building towards is long term security," Stone said. "It is my greatest hope that through our actions as a coalition, that all Iraqis will come to trust in us, and believe in our respect for their history, for their culture, for their individual dignity, knowing that we share the ultimate desire to bring about a great nation."