Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan (April 4, 2013)--Maj. Gen. Kendall P. Cox, Deputy Commanding General for Military and International Operations at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), receives an update on the retrograde process since the opening of the new Kandahar Redistribution Property Assistance Team yard on March 22 from Lt. Col. Stanley Sliwinski, Jr., commander of 4th Battalion, 401st Army Field Support Brigade.

The facility, a joint a joint effort between the 4-401st AFSB and USACE allows all 4-401st AFSB functions to be conducted in a centralized location for organized de-install, issue of equipment and relief of accountability.

"This new facility truly is a one-stop-shop for Class VII retrograde," Sliwinski said. "With these new facilities, we have the ability to relieve a convoy of up to 32 vehicles of all classes of supply at one time in one location," he added.

Cox--who is responsible for policy, programming, and technical support in the execution of over $28 billion of design, construction, and environmental programs for the Army, the Air Force, other Department of Defense and Federal agencies and foreign countries--encouraged Sliwinski to share feedback on how USACE's construction could better support the retrograde process.

"What's not here that you need?" Cox asked. "Eventually the Army is going to go to another location and conduct similar operations and require similar construction. So help (USACE) better understand what's needed to execute the mission," he added.

Cox was accompanied by Lt. Col Stephen Bales, Deputy Commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Afghanistan Engineer District-South (TAS). TAS oversees construction and engineering operations in the South, Southwest and West regions of Afghanistan.