The Army Contracting Command-Aberdeen Proving Ground began integrating military members into its organizational structure to optimize contingency contracting and to enhance the training opportunities for Soldiers in the contracting career field.

An operations order issued by ACC detailed a four-phase plan to attach contingency contracting teams to its stateside elements including ACC-APG. As a result, ACC-APG will assume the management of approximately 40 military personnel, according to Col. Michael J. Rogers, ACC-APG military deputy to the executive director.

"The end state of the ACC-APG military integration will be the activation of the 926th CCBn commander at APG with four subordinate CCTs," Rogers said. "Currently, the Expeditionary Contracting Command is responsible for the contingency mission in addition to the workload management and professional development of assigned military members.

"Although, the ECC will retain responsibility for contingency operations, the day-to-day training and development of the teams will be ACC-APG's responsibility. In the event that our Soldiers are called to support contingency mission requirements, the members will be detached from ACC-APG for the duration of the deployment."

Phase one of the integration began in January and was mainly the planning and preparation for the attachment of the battalion and CCTs. The 712th CCT, 722nd CCT, and the 725th CCT, were attached to ACC-APG in March which marks the beginning of phase two. At this point, ACC-APG assumed the management of the teams to include personnel support, workload, training, and other logistical support.

The five-member CCTs consist of two officers and three noncommissioned officers in the 51C acquisition career field. The official activation of the 926th CCBn and the fourth CCT, the 865th CCT, will take place in April during phase three. The military integration will be finalized by October with the attachment of any follow-on forces during phase four.

"The ACC-APG integration of military will be a win-win situation for both the organization and the Soldiers," said Lt. Col. Derek Draper, chief, Garrison Contracting Division and slated 936th CCBN commander.

"The 51Cs will gain diverse contracting experience working alongside the seasoned civilian workforce and ACC-APG will benefit from the contribution of the military to the center's workload. The military will also provide firsthand knowledge of contingency contracting operations to enhance ACC-APG's expertise and customer support. The current focus of the integration is implementing a support structure to accommodate the military and ensure the well-being of our Soldiers."